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Forming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole

The Right Fit



Puppyhood is marvelous.  We raise our puppies to be happy, healthy and centered Poodles.  They are born on our bedroom and raised as family members in the living room of our home.  Polly had three puppies the evening of April 8th.  The waitlist for this litter is closed, but I'm always happy to help you find a puppy by referring you to other reputable breeders


Retired Show Dogs

Retired show dogs can make great pets. Derby is a great example.  He was five years old and had finished his AKC Grand Championship when we met Bob & Mildred. He was devoted to Mildred throughout her life.  Now he is helping Bob adjust. Derby may not be a "service dog" but don't tell him.  

We may have an older retired girl available.  She would be happiest as an only dog in quite home.  She doesn't see or hear well.  We will happily keep her the rest of her life, but if the perfect match came along, we'd consider placing her.


Older Puppies/Young Adults

Sometimes a puppy we keep doesn't turn out to be the show dog we had hoped.  In those cases we look for someone who wants a puppy who has gone through basic puppy training, but is still wants a youngster.  Occasionally, we get a puppy back from their first home. (We always take puppies back if they don't work out in home - for any reason - at any age.). In that case, we may look for a new home for the dog. 


Artice:  Ethic's by Suzi Francis.

 This is a long article about what we do to be ethical breeders

Ethics (pdf)