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Forming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole

Finding the Perfect Poodle

Instead of focusing on finding your ideal Poodle, look for your ideal breeder. 

You can spend time trying to find “a red girl puppy available to pick up in June” or you can spend time finding and developing a relationship with a breeder of quality dogs. You may find a good friend and mentor who eventually will provide you with an outstanding Poodle. 

Really good breeders don’t have puppies available constantly. Most don’t have but a couple of litters most years. They plan to keep the best puppy or two for themselves and the other breeders they are working closely with. Most are hoping that outstanding puppy is a girl. 

In a breed like Miniature Poodles, litters consist of three or four puppies on average. That means we only have a couple of puppies to place. We are most likely to place puppies with people we’ve developed relationships with. 

There is a small chance you could call and find that a good breeder has a puppy available next week or next month, but that is very rare. Most of us want to take time to get to know our puppy buyers. We want to make sure your family is the perfect fit for our puppy. 

Be patient. A Miniature Poodle is something you will have for 12-20 years. Don’t make it an impulse purchase. Spend time researching breeders. If your breeder doesn’t think the puppy they have now is a perfect fit, believe the breeder. They have spent years knowing how to tell a puppies personality. Ask about the next litter and wait. 

I hope this is helpful. Best of luck in your search for a good breeder. I’m happy to answer questions about Harmony Poodles and/or help you find a good breeder in your part of the world.