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Forming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole



The following questions are being asked of you to determine if a Harmony Miniature Poodle would be the best choice of dog for you. These questions help us make the best choices we can for our puppies. Their life-long wellbeing is our primary concern. Completing this questionnaire is the first step in a screening process and is not a contract for a puppy.

Please cut & paste the questionnaire to an email or document then answer the following questions as completely as you can. Email it to

Name, address and best phone number:

Referred by:

What reference materials about poodles have you read?

How many individuals of this breed are you acquainted with?

What type of dwelling do you live in house, apartment, etc?

How long have you lived at this address?

If renting, please give name and address of landlord:

Name, address & phone number of your veterinarian:

Name, address & phone number of your groomer:

Who will be the primary care giver?

Where will the puppy be kept during the night?

Where will the puppy be kept during the day?

Is anyone home during the day?

On average, how many hours will the puppy be left alone?

If no one is available during the day, what arrangements will be made to feed and exercise the puppy?

Have you ever owned a dog before?

Have you ever owned a Miniature Poodle before?

Do you currently have any other animals?

Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages.

Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?

If yes, to what and how severe?

 Do you care if your puppy is male or female? Why? 

Are you only interested in a young puppy?

Would you consider an older dog instead of a puppy? 

How did you hear about Harmony Poodles?

Do you understand that a Miniature Poodle is a highly active breed who will need mental and physical stimulation daily?

How often will the puppy be alone outside?

Will he be crated, when not supervised, inside?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Are you willing to take the dog for several walks each day no matter what the weather if you don’t have a fenced yard?

Have you ever house trained a dog before?

Who was your trainer?

What kind of classes did you attend?

Have you attended any type of training class with another dog?

Puppy training classes are recommended, are you willing to attend? 

How long did your last pet live?

What were the circumstances of its death?

Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? If so, what were the circumstances?

Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances? Have you ever taken a pet to a rescue or shelter? If so, what were

the circumstances?

Miniature Poodles require regular grooming which can cost $50 to $100 per month, are you willing to take on this responsibility?

Are you interested in showing the dog in the conformation ring?

Have you ever shown a dog?

Are you interested in performance events such as obedience, agility, hunting, etc.?

Have you ever worked with a dog in performance events?

Do you intend to breed the dog?

Anything else you want us to know?

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