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Forming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole

Forming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole

Forming a Pleasing & Consistent WholeForming a Pleasing & Consistent Whole

Ch Harmony Clarion Purple Rain


Show Career

Handled by the  amazing and talanted Kathy Adams, Prince finished in 9 shows with three majors, a BOV over specials and a BOS over specials.  We hope to have Prince back out as a special in 2021.


Prince lives a with his co-owner, Leslie Wallace.  He is Leslie's first show dog and constant companion.  She did a great job maintaining Prince during his show career; now they are enjoying time away from the ring to play games. I am confident the pair will add many title to the end of his name. 


Testing has not been completed for this handsome young dog.  He is PRA Clear by parentage.  He is almost 15 inches tall with a thick evenly blue coat.  Very short in loin, with beautiful carriage and tail set. We love is strong under jaw and expressive eye.  He will be available to only the very best girls.